Paiko is the product of a love of nature, design, and Hawaii. Our name comes from Oahu's Paiko Beach, where in 2010 our first design studio sprung up in the home of founder Tamara Rigney's grandmother. Originally Tamara's boutique floral design business, Paiko soon evolved into something much more.
Craving a sense of community outside her studio, in the summer of 2012 Tamara found herself a regular at the co-working space R/D in Kaka'ako. Inspired by the energy around her and a vacant storefront down Auahi street, she decided to take Paiko to the form of a retail shop. With lots of support from friends, and close buddy Courtney Monahan signed on for the ride,  Paiko as we know it was created.   Since opening they have been constantly learning, evolving, and working late nights, but both Courtney and Tamara can agree that this is the most fun ‘job’ they could have imagined.


Tamara Rigney, Founder/COO/Creative Director

Courtney Monahan, Partner/VP Operations

Rachel Siegfried, Director of Marketing

Sara Mayko, Director of Social Media

Cristina Luck, Sales Associate