A Hop Over to the Big Island

We took a trekk over to the Big Island last week to visit our favorite protea farm and do some exploring.  Although protea are most prolific in the winter, there were many blooms popping their bright heads out, in addition to groves of sweetly scented eucalyptus and wax flower.  After a lovely day of lunch and roaming the grounds with our farmers, we headed up to Volcano National Park for some adventuring in the tree ferns. 

Photographer Mariko Reed was along on this trip to gather images for an upcoming book with Paiko's Tamara Rigney (to be released next spring through Paiko Press- stay tuned for more info!)

paiko protea
paiko protea 1
paiko mariko reed
paiko banksia
paiko ferns
paiko hilo

photos and story by Tamara Rigney