'OHI How to Gather and Arrange Hawai'i's Flora

Our book — 'OHI How to Gather and Arrange Hawai'i's Flora—  is almost here and we couldn't be more excited!  Paiko founder, Tamara Rigney and photographer, Mariko Reed have been wandering the island, visiting friends’ backyards, and seeking out Oahu’s most classic homes to inspire you to bring Hawai'i's nature indoors. 

Available now for pre-order, 'OHI is the ultimate guide to arranging Hawai'i's unique flora.

'OHI means to gather in Hawaiian.  In the book, Rigney and Reed share their methods for sourcing, harvesting, and caring for island flora.  'OHI provides detailed profiles, paired with original illustrations by artist Jeff Canham, of favorite plant and flower varieties; from backyard staples like parakeet heliconia and monstera, to the less-common uluhe fern and shampoo ginger. 

With detailed design tips, as well as a list of useful tools and materials, this book is a celebration of Hawai'i’s landscape.  Fresh flowers don’t have to be a luxury, 'OHI will help you create beautiful arrangements from what’s around you.

Available in the shop November 12th, ‘OHI makes the perfect holiday gift, or let's be honest, personal gift.  With your newfound inspiration, your home will be filled with flowers year-round.

P.S. Save the date, Thursday November 17th we'll be celebrating ‘OHI at the Surfjack from 6-9pm!