GATHER: Protea

Otherworldy protea flowers are a staple at the Paiko flower bar.  Kings, minks, banksias, pincushions, and even macadamia are all members of the ancient Proteacea family, with includes species native to Australia and South Africa (plate tectonics!). 

Proteas need cold nights, so if you're lucky enough to be on the Big Island or Maui you can gather or plant them yourself.  Otherwise come by the shop, our flower bar is fully stocked for Christmas.

paiko protea mariko reed


-  To help them drink, split woody protea stems a an inch or two up the middle with a pair of clippers.
- A little packet of flower food in your vase is especially helpful with proteas.
-  Most proteas, excluding pincushions, dry beautifully. When your arrangement is looking tired, hang it upside down to dry.

For more tips like these check out our new book 'OHI How to Gather and Arrange Hawai'i's Flora.

mariko paiko protea