Flowers from your man, flowers from your lady, flowers from yourself... They all have one thing in common. We want them to last. We trim their stems under water and change their water as soon as it looks a little cloudy, but what else can we do? Flower Food. 

We decided to test out three homemade flower food recipes, compare the results to plain water and tell you what we think! So here goes: 


Recipe #1
2 tsp vinegar
1 tsp hydrogen peroxide
1 qt water

Recipe #2
2 tsp Sprite
1 tsp hydrogen peroxide
1 qt water

Recipe #3
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp hydrogen peroxide
1 qt water

For the experiment we tested out umbrella ferns, philodendrons, molokai orchid stems, pincushion proteas, Obake anthuriums and a mini anthurium.

Our Conclusions: 

  • Anthuriums prefered the Sprite mixture, resulting in flowers that lasted about 3-5 days longer than the rest. 
  • Pincushion proteas really did not like the vinegar mixture, it actually caused the prongs on the flower to bend backwards! Sorry pro-pro. 
  • Orchids didn't seem to show much variation in logevity, however the sugar mixture did seem to help more of the buds to open. 
  • The umbrella fern, as well as, the philodendron did slightly better in the lemon mixture.





We also noticed that the lemon mixture causes the water to appear cloudy, making the water seem dirty. Simple solution, use an opaque vase. 

So go ahead and experiment- hopefully you'll get a few more days out of your blooms!









Photos: Kenna Reed
Story: Kenna Reed
Art: Harry Tsuchidana