After rushing around like busy bees all spring, we're finding a new appreciation for mellow days just kicking it at home. Coffee and the New York Times, followed by closet organization, sandwiches, flower arranging, a run, then a wine lubricated evening in the kitchen makes for a darn good day in our book. 

With all this home-time it's important that our houses are filled with good vibes. Enter the smudge stick. A derivative of a Native American cultural practice, burning these wrapped bundles of white sage is a way to purify your space and introduce serenity. Simply slowly wave the smoking bundle around your home, making sure to hit entryways and corners, places where rumor has it, negative energy likes to stagnate.

paiko smudge stick

We've got a few different sticks in the shop, including a gorgeous rose petal wrapped number by Catherine Rising. Stop by and start cleansing! 


Photo: Kenna Reed
Story: Tamara Rigney