In Bloom: Aloe Vera

In Hawai'i, aloe plants are abundant in drier parts of the island. Sadly, other than the few times a year where we snap off a juicy leaf to soothe our sunburns, it's easy to ignore them. That is until our little prickly plants give us a beautiful surprise and they bloom. 

Depending on which species of aloe you're dealing with, blooms happen sporadically throughout the year and can be yellow or a pinkish orange. Typically, you'll notice the flowers in summer, but if the conditions are just right, your plants will be sure to let you know how happy they are. 

For an easy and beautiful aloe arrangement, trim off a few blooms and pair with bold leaves like spider lily.

For more information on harvesting and arranging local flowers check out our book 'OHI!

Story and photos by Kenna Reed