Sealing and Arranging Banana Flowers

In our last post, we introduced you to ornamental bananas. So you've spotted those gorgeous pink flowers, gone oogly eyed over those tiny little fruit and now you want to know what's next. We know how intimidating a new bloom can be, so this week we decided to put the keikis to work, harvest a few more stalks and show you how its done.

Banana sap is sticky and seems to permanently attach to anything it touches. So to avoid ruining your favorite vase or pants, we recommend sealing their stems before arranging. 

You'll need:

  • Your banana stalks
  • Water
  • Vase of your choice (remember banana stalks are top heavy so, find something with a sturdy base)
  • Clippers, a sharp knife, or machete
  • A bucket you don't mind getting dirty 






Step One

Fill your bucket about half full. 










Step Two

Hold banana stalk next to vase and trim at desired height.  We recommend working with odd numbers and trimming stems at varying heights to avoid symmetry and create a more natural arrangement.





























Step Three

Place stems in your bucket and soak for one hour.





paiko kenna reed banana flower






Step Four

Your stems are sealed so have fun arranging! Visit the Paiko flower bar for tons of choices to pair with your nanas, like our current favorite, chocolate anthuriums.


To learn more about arranging bananas and to see examples of arrangements, see pages 20-23 of Ohi: How to Gather and Arrange Hawai'i's Flora. 


Photos and Story by Kenna Reed