IN BLOOM: Ornamental Bananas

Summer is here and it seems like everything is blooming! Our kitchens are filled with lychee, mango, mountain apple, and of course, bananas. In Hawai'i we all know our favorite banana is the apple banana, for its sweet, tangy taste and cute size. But the variety that a lot of people don't know about is the ornamental banana, whose fruits (believe it or not) are even smaller and way cuter.

Although this variety is not for eating, it's vibrant flowers and ability to stay alive in a vase for over a week make it the flower that everyone needs to enjoy this summer. 

So keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for our next blog on how to properly cut, seal and arrange these beauties! OR if you're not feeling patient, check out our book, 'OHI: How to Gather and Arrange Hawaii's Flora and check out the section exclusively on bananas.

Photos and Story by Kenna Reed