lace fern

Paiko Expeditions: Lyon Arboretum

Here in Hawaii we are lucky to have easy access to all sorts of wild botanical experiences just a short distance from our shop. One of our favorite excursions is to Lyon Arboretum, in Manoa Valley.  Run by the University of Hawaii, the mission of Lyon Arboretum is "to increase the appreciation of the unique flora of Hawaii and the tropics, by conserving, curating, studying plants and ...providing educational opportunities".  This is something that we at Paiko strongly believe in, and often visit the garden for inspiration. Below are a few images from the lower grounds and the Native Hawaiian Plants Garden of this amazing site. Surrounded by gorgeous plants, we explored just a small section of the 200-acre grounds, which includes fern, palm, and economic sections, as well as 'Aihualama Falls.   We can't wait until our next trip out to this great garden to share more with you!

Ti Plant- A member of the agave family, the leaves are often used for lau lau. The plants come in a variety of colors and are also common in Hawaiian landscaping.

Pala'a or Lace fern, this delicate fern can be found on all main Hawaiian Islands

Naupaka Kahakai- indigenous flowering shrub. For more info on early Hawaiian use and legend check out this article.

Portea Petropolitana bromeliad in bloom

Unripe ohi'a 'ai (mountain apple), a beautiful tree with floral tasting fruits.

Banana flower and fruit

More Expeditions: Manoa Falls, Koko Crater Plumeria Grove, Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden