Courtney Monahan was raised in Honolulu but has spent many years living up and down the coast of California and Brooklyn, New York. While in New York she found an outlet for her love of detail and pretty things by working as a freelance merchandiser for the Donna Karen Company. There she also began acquiring her accounting knowledge when working in the studio of famed photographer Bruce Weber.

Since moving back to Hawaii, Courtney has done accounting work for non-profits and small businesses, and has also acquired full certification as a Pilates Instructor.  She began helping her friend Tamara in her floral design business in 2011. Luckily for Courtney, Tamara approved of her ability to recreate Tamara’s look and trusted her eye so as Tamara grew her business there was a place for Courtney to join her. As time progressed and the dream of store front become a reality Courtney began to take on the role of “crazy plant lady” and left the floral design up to her talented buddy. Courtney manages the shop and is often the face you will see as you visit Paiko.